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Brother Kills Brother

Here I am again after a long-ish break. But I’m back. In this episode of Real Crime, we have part 4 of Brother Kills Brother. George Clark allegedly murdered his brother because he was in love with his wife. In this episode, George Clark is getting ready to go to trial. The sheriff is worried about a mob in St. Helena. Clark also makes a confession to his friends at the Salvation Army who come to visit him in jail to pray. The w writer of the article in the San Francisco Call sure paints George Clark in an awful picture!

Also, crazy mayhem breaks out during a giant BBQ in Denver at the turn of the century. What was supposed to a good time with Steers, Elk, Bears, and Possums to eat turned into a major brawl leaving at least one dead and others wounded.


Now please allow me to plug my novel: “The Last Girl” a mystery that follows unemployed reporter Dexter Vega as he searches for a missing girl. But when he goes to visit his client and tell him his daughter is in Mexico, the man has been killed. And Vega’s prints are all over the murder weapon. Vega now needs to find someone the missing girl in Mexico in order to clear his name before the cops get him!




In this podcast episode, we also have this weird request from a man headed to the gallows to be hung. He wants the revernd to make sure he is well buried because he doesn’t want his body to be snatched and used by medical students! Also, African-Americans gather for a voodoo dance in Chattanooga, and this has the white folks on edge.

Vicious Murder of Young Girl

In this week’s episode, we get two horrible crimes. The first one is the discovery of the body of a 7-year old girl who has been viciously mutilated and buried in the basement. The suspect is at large. The newspaper narrates the investigation that leads to the subsequent discovery of the body and what the police are doing to find the killer. Also, we have another horrible crime when persons unknown brutally murder a man and 3 members of his family in their home in North Carolina. Apparently, they were killed by blows of an ax or other object and then the bed set on fire. But listen for yourself as the newspaper article from 1906 brings the tragic moment to life for us.

real crime with Danny LopezAlso, we have the wild narrative of a robbery and subsequent chase through the streets of New York City as two robbers hold up a hotel and then try and escape in a car and a taxi. This is like something out of a gangster flick from the 1920s with cops riding on the guardrails of a car, shooting at the getaway vehicle. Crazy but real as told from the pages of a vintage New York Tribune newspaper. Enjoy!

The first podcast

In this first podcast of the series Real Crime, I have picked out a mix of articles from Arizona to New Jersey, from the early 1800s to the mid-1960s. The news ranges from murder to assault with a couple of interesting unrelated news bits.

real crime with Danny Lopez

These articles are pulled from old newspapers. The writing itself is interesting, as is the language. It’s history, the kind that falls through the cracks and is forgotten, buried deep in newspaper morgues.